Funeral Trust

trustA Funeral Trust is a document executed to ensure that your final expenses, specifically related to your funeral, are handled by a Trustee, the person who administers the Trust, in exactly the fashion you intend and desire after your death.  If setup in accordance with the laws of the State in which the Grantor (you) resides, the funds within the Trust are disbursed directly to a Funeral Home, who is responsible for ensuring that the wishes of the Grantor of the Trust are fulfilled.   Any remaining funds that are not expended after all funeral costs are paid, are forwarded by the Trustee (usually the Funeral Home) to the beneficiary of the Trust.  Further, the Trust may be configured in such a way that, in certain States, funds of the Trust can be protected from Medicaid spend down.  The amount allowed to be protected from Medicaid laws may vary from State to State.  The amount that can be funded into the Funeral Trust may also be limited based on State law.